The Incredible Music in Walking Through Fires


I was truly blessed to have some incredibly talented musicians contribute their time, talent and music to this film.  I would like to thank Scott Watkins for his incredible score and the Jacksonville University Symphony for bringing it to life.

In addition to this marvelous score,  I was fortunate enough to have the amazing California based artist Adrina Thorpe contribute several tracks to the film.  The talented Charles F. Beyer and JoEveritt  Band (both from Jacksonville, Florida) also provided excellent tracks that truly set the mood for scenes in the film.

The “icing on the cake” was obtaining licenses from artists represented by Universal and EMI for three popular songs that I wanted for the film.

My thanks again to all for making the music in this film possible and very special!


Mark O’Brien

Producer and Director


Shinedown Song Cover used a Background Track when

“ Dave“ visits  Mark and finds out about the fires and the investigation.  The cover track was performed by Ralph Cahill who also plays Captain Patrick Clausen in the film.

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Mark O’Brien speaks with Composer Scott Watkins after

35 minutes of the score has been recorded.

Composer Scott Watkins begins recording the score for

“Walking Through Fires”.  Special thanks to the fabulous musicians  Marguerite Richardson, Peter Dutilly, and Shannon Lockwood who made this score possible.


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Composer Scott Watkins, Marguerite Richardson, Peter Dutilly, and Shannon Lockwood perform the score from the “Walking Through Fires”  closing credits!